Welcome to Bali, a world-renowned destination that beckons travelers from across the globe seeking the ultimate vacation experience. As the island returns to its enchanting rhythm, we invite you to revel in the extraordinary. Bali’s timeless charm has once again captivated the hearts of discerning travelers, drawing them to its shores in droves. The Indonesian government has implemented meticulous guidelines to ensure the preservation of Bali’s pristine beauty and to provide a serene haven for our esteemed guests.

Embrace these guidelines and prepare for an unforgettable journey that celebrates the rich culture and unrivaled beauty of Bali. To ensure an extraordinary experience during your stay in Bali, we kindly request that you respect the local religion and sacred places, honor Balinese wisdom and traditional ceremonies, dress appropriately and behave respectfully in sacred areas. It is advised that women who are currently menstruating abstaining from entering sacred areas, such as temples. When exploring the island, consider utilizing licensed tour guides, transacting with authorized money changers in Indonesian Rupiah, obeying traffic laws and renting vehicles from reputable companies. Adhere to the rules in tourist spots and contribute to the preservation of Bali’s breathtaking landscapes.

Additionally, there are several tips that you should be aware of. Enter sacred places in appropriate attire for prayer only, refraining from climbing sacred trees or taking photographs with improper clothing. Help preserve the island’s natural beauty by refraining from littering and opting for eco-friendly choices.

Embrace Balinese hospitality by displaying exemplary behavior in public areas, supporting legal activities and avoiding involvement in illegal activities. By following these guidelines, you will honor Bali’s cultural heritage and create cherished memories during your stay.